Thursday, 17 February 2011

introducing me =]

-There will be so so so so many grammatical error here. xD
-I'm a noobie in this blogging stuff. keke~

Hey there! kekeke~ Just so you know, this is my First time entering the blog-ing world! heee~ So you guys probably want to know who i am right? uh-oh.. no?? *roll eyes*
hahha. I will tell you guys anyway. kekeke~ My name is Siti Nur Anisa.. You can call me Anisa or Nisa. :) My dob is 22nd.Sept. My real home is at Setapak Indah KL, but currently staying at MMU hostel at cyberjaya. hehe. Yup! I'm a MMU-ians. kekeke. cool right? :P *bragging*
At MMU i'm taking Foundation In Management. heee~ xD soooo, what it is left to tell you guys abt me huh? hurmmm. IDK, but if you guys have any questions *if there any*, i will happy to answer it. kekeke~ ;)   

P/S : sorry for the lame intro. haha.

                       This is my G-Dragon saying hello to you <3

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