Monday, 11 April 2011

:I & :c

Assalamualaikum. Hi sume. keke. How you guys doing? Fine? Great. *speaking to myselfsoooo... What happened to me today? Let me see *flashback* oh yeah. I see. kekeke. So many things happening today. Well according to my title it is showing my mood for today. Feeling kinda gloomy today. Huisshhhhhh. x.x Ummm. Have you ever felt like when you did something good for someone, and they didn't even say 'thank you' or even look at youHave you? Well i have.. I know in way to do good deeds we have to gave them with full of our sincerity but do they really needed to act that way? huhuhu. *emotional jap* hahaha. Hurmmm. dh laa. mls dh nk ckp pape. tk baik btol laa nisa neh. *o*

Come on let's watch this video.
watching them always made my day. <3
bIg bAnG saranghaeyo

Sunday, 10 April 2011

pissed off

Assalamualaikum. Hello everybody ;) 
Nk bgtau.. kekeke. agak bengang ngn someone hri neh. kekeke. K laaa. Nk hilangkan bengang, jum tgok video neh.. xp
Aladdin takes Jasmine on a magic carpet ride. How romantic. xD

This song is soo sweet <3

Friday, 8 April 2011

sedih. hri ni ngn smalam.

Assalamualaikum :) Hi everybody..
 Dh lme kite tk post2 kn? keke. Umm. Knpe ekk kite sdih smalm? Oh yeahhh. Tk smalam kn time klas Accounting*evening class*, kite ngntuk gile tau awkk. smalamnye kite tdo lmbt pkul 6 pagi tau. sbb buat CA pnye assgnmnts. Urmm. so asyik *fishing* jelaa kt klas smalm.. dlm klas smalm ape yg lecturer aja pon kite tk pham. sbb *fishing* je kn. huhuhuh. umm... lps tuh kn, lecturer tnye la kan soalan kt satu klas, tpi tk tau jwapn nye, then lecturer tnye laa kwn kite. ape soaln dye kn. A.. tpi tk jwb * sbb tk tau jwpn* pastuh B.. tk jwb *sbb tk tau jwapn gk* then it's my turn kn.. Umm. kite tnduk jelaa bwah tau, sbb siyes tk tau jwpan dye tau. Huhuhu. trok kn kite :C then lecturer trus skip nme kite tau. trus tnye D.. tk jwb gk tau, tnye E plak. tk tau gk. then dgr laa ade org kt blkg ckp 'eh knpe Nisa tk kne pggil'.. Sdih tau.. Pastuh adelaa chattering2 lgik tpi tk dgr. umm. mybe slah kite jgak kot sbb kite laa spe suro tk pay attention kn. Aishtt. Mmg geram oo ngn mate kite neh. Uishhh. tk baik laa plak. huhuhuh. *srryy* xD 

Then yg hri neh plak sdih sbb... Urmm. ade laa sorg kwan kite neh kn. Umm, tk tau laa knpe kite rse agak hurt gk laa. kekeke. sbb kite neh cpt trase gk auu. *serious* smpai org pon mnyampah ngn kite. huhu. Tkpe laa. kwn kite sorg neh kn. dye lgik appreciate org lain dpd kite. bcoz of _ & _. Hurrmmm.. Dye tk tau bnyk dh kite buat kt dye. Tpi bnyk dye tk tau laa. keke. sounded like i'm a stalker right? hahaha. Just she is my friend. Dh laa hri tuuh bru je ade bonding time ngn kite. keke. Umm. tuh je laa. kn kite ckp kite neh cpt trase. haha. k laa. dh2. *shhhh* tk baik ksian dye. slah kite gk. huhu. sorry awkk >.<''

Meh2 kite dgr lgu bru big bang <3
Love Song

Oh yeah.. speaking of big bang. smalam kn, kite mmpi Gdragon!!! Epic gile kn!! ahahhaaha xD kite mmpi dye ade btol2 dpn kite. haha. dye pndai ckp Malay tpi ade laa slang2 dye. Tk bole bgtau mmpi kite ape. haha. tpi dh cite kt rmai org dh pon. hahaha. Best gile!! <3 LOVE you GD!! kekeke.
Currently my desktop background!! <3

Look at him, isn't he covered in HOTNESS?!