Monday, 11 April 2011

:I & :c

Assalamualaikum. Hi sume. keke. How you guys doing? Fine? Great. *speaking to myselfsoooo... What happened to me today? Let me see *flashback* oh yeah. I see. kekeke. So many things happening today. Well according to my title it is showing my mood for today. Feeling kinda gloomy today. Huisshhhhhh. x.x Ummm. Have you ever felt like when you did something good for someone, and they didn't even say 'thank you' or even look at youHave you? Well i have.. I know in way to do good deeds we have to gave them with full of our sincerity but do they really needed to act that way? huhuhu. *emotional jap* hahaha. Hurmmm. dh laa. mls dh nk ckp pape. tk baik btol laa nisa neh. *o*

Come on let's watch this video.
watching them always made my day. <3
bIg bAnG saranghaeyo

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