Monday, 20 June 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

- Ade error rsenye :P
- Sdih skit ;D

Assalamualaikum and Hi guys! :D How are you huh? Fine? Great! I'm having a best, tiring weekend, because me, marjan & amalina went to Bagan Lalang, Sepang. *kem usrah buat* best laa tpi I'm a little bit sad on certain things. Nnti2 klau kite nk share, kite bgtau laa ;) *insyaAllah* Urmm, I just want to say Happy Father's Day for all the Daddy's all around the world! :D *Applause!* Hurmm. Thun neh pon tk celebrate ngn family. Huhuhu~ Sorry abah. Dah laa tk beli lgik hdiah. D: abah siap dh tunjuk dh nk hdiah ape utk Father's Day. heeee~ Anis nnti jnji blikan hdiah yg abah nk :) Just nk ckp sorry abh sbb anis tk dpt fulfill ape yg abh nk kt anis. I really2 tried my hard to success on my studies but IDK what's wrong with me. Sorry abah. Abh slalu bgi anis mcm2 tpi anis je tk buat ape2 utk abh. Kdg2 klau abh ckp psal future sume2 tuh anis rse sdih. tkot tk dpt ape yg abh nk. I knw you really want the best for your children, but I will try my best to success like you. Anis tk bole nk ckp dpn2 confirm anis nangis punye laa. Sorry abh, abh smpai bgi anis utk extend my studies utk pergi ke bachelor in Accounting, tpi anis neh yg pemalas. Tkpe abh, I WILL try my hardest this sem. I hope you will not lose faith on me. heee~ rse mcm nk nges plak. Fuhh. tkpe2 dh bnyk kali dh nges. smpai dh tkde air mate dh. Huhu. Sorry abh. Anis sygggggg sgt abh <3

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