Wednesday, 27 July 2011

G I V I N G UP !!!

- grammatical error
- bahasa campur2 
Assalamualaikum w.b.t and HI sume ;) How are you? Today topic is GIVING UP! :DD Hurmmm. What story should I tell you guys tonight. Oh I got it !!
Once upon a time.. There's a girl, one night she went to take her midterm exam. She really2 prepared for the exam, then suddenly when she opened the exam paper *BAMMM* her brain cannot functioning really well *JAMMED*. Then she passed out.. Hahaha. No laa, she don't know how to answer the questions. The questions are EPIC hard. The girl only answer about 9 questions, and she left all the high marks questions with a BLANK. I'm very2 pitiful for this girl. When the time is up, she walk very fast to the door and then she BURST out with tears. She's a sad, lonely, bad luck girl I've ever met. ;) After cried her eyes out, she's suddenly thought about jumping out off a cliff.. *SUSPENSE* Look how crazy she is.. Then, she pause for a second she thought very very very very deeply until her brain is working *LOL* she said to herself "well this is not the end of sem yet, I have many time to improve but I have to work EXTRA hard." Yup, these are the words that came up to her head ;) Well, with the help from her friends she gained more confidence! :D Like what Naruto said
Minus the ninja part :P
AND!!! You have to remember Allah S.W.T always by your side, you can tell HIM all about your problem insyaAllah He will help you. That is how great Allah is :)
<3 anisa

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