Thursday, 26 May 2011

Nadiatul Amira

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-mybe jiwang skit kot. :P

Assalamualaikum hi you guys. WOW, 2 posts in a day. kekeke. =] Ummm. Based on my title you guys must be wondering who is Nadiatul Amira. :)) Well, on this post i want to tell you about all the good things about her :') You don't know how much I've been missing her. We didn't see each other in such a long period. *sad* Now when I'm on sem break about 2 weeks she's working. :( IDK when she will be free to hang out with me. *really2 sad* kekeke. Atuy=Nickname that I called her. haha. She is a friend that you really want to have. When I'm on a gloomy mood I've always called her, well but not that often because we were busy with our studies and so on. Huhu. I miss her laughter and her nose. hahaha. 
*kiteorg slalu ejek hidung masing2* 
Msti korg nk tgok kn sape laa atuy neh kn? kekeke. Tpi dye dh ade BF laa. sorry guys. keke. Umm. time kt skola kiteorg slalu lawan oo spe dpt mrkh pling tggi n sume. keke. Kiteorg seri. *awwwwww* sweet kn. We love the same songs ex: No Air- Jordin Sparks ft Chris Brown *click!*. kekeke. I don't know why but if I heard that song on the radio I told her so does she. kekeke. *another awwww* kekeke. LOVE HER. I cannot list down all the great things about her if I will until tomorrow I didn't finished this post. Hahaha. On short word she is incredibly Fun to be with & gile2 like me. hahaha. These are the photos of me and my dear atuy <3
Kenangan time kiteorg form 5 & 18 thun <3
We took this picture at the KL Library :D
 For atuy: I miss you. Friends Forever <3

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