Friday, 1 July 2011


Assalamualaikum n hi everybody! How are you guys feeling today? hehe. Dh lame gile kot tk post pape kt blog kite neh. Busy laa katekan. cehhh xp tkde laa. nk gtau neh, yg kite nk je post something kt blog neh.. tpi mcm tk sesuai pulak. sbb tkot mcm kite neh mgumpat. huhu. x.x This week, week yg paling sedih. keke. nth laa. to much bees in my head, asyik *buzzzzzzing around* smpai no space to think properly. huhu :c tau sem neh mcm kite tk ptot pun tensyen2 kn smpai serabut kpale otak. just nth laa to much to think off, tpi tk laa busy mne. gitu laa. pham2 laa. keke. Academic.. Clubs.. Haishh. mcm dh tk teratur dh idup kite neh. i rlly tried to be calm, i tried to "mengalah" but noooooooo!! <<<<--- For someone xD haha. K laa. itu je kot. haha. Short post i suppose. tkde point pun tulis post neh sbb tkde org bace. muahahahaha xD so i can just freely tell anything i like! keke~ good bye! Oh i just wnt to say good luck to my ex-roomie and now bcome my housemate :D for your mid-term tomorrow. Go M A R J A N!! hehe. I support you!! You can do it!! You and amalina the cleverest and the bijak-est person I know!! hehehe. Lv you!! <3 BYE BYE!!

2NE1 NOLJA!!! <3

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